SWM sm 500R Alpina Aluminium

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  • Rims made of aluminum 7075 super solid with DOT Number
  • Monocolour Rims with an anodization finish
  • Bicolour Rims with an extra strong painting and an anodized rim profile
  • Bicolour Rims now also available with the new fluo-colors or any RAL Color that you like!
  • Tubless Wheels by our STS System - You do not need a tube!
  • Kite CNC hubs, colored by anodization
  • Spokes silver chrome-plated or black chrome-plated from Alpina, super solid!
  • Nipples from Alpina made of aluminum or steel, tubeless by STS System!
  • You do not have to do any modification on the bike! everything fits fine, brakes and sprocket. Just use your own spacers.